Shareholding FAQ

1. Do these shares have different rights to those held by the founders and investors?

No, they will be same. One of our founding principles is that that all shareholders are treated equally. We are on a journey and want to take our supporters and users on that journey with us. Each winner will get shares containing full voting rights, exactly the same as all the founders and investors, also known as ordinary shares.

2. Can I sell my winners shares? When?

You will be able to sell your shares to the general public, once the company undertakes an Iintial Public Offering (IPO), currently planned for three years from the launch of our social media network. You may be able to sell them sooner if the company announces a buyback programme, currently planned for about 1 year from the launch, but the date is not yet fixed. ChatWise currently anticipates a public listing in four global centres: London, Hong Kong, New York and Mumbai. This would create a liquid market for all of our shareholders. The company may expand the locations closer to the time depending on the location of winners of the shares – the aim of the Board will be to provide a wide coverage for all our shareholders. The Company is also examining options for shareholders who are in remote locations and are unable to sell their shares via a public market. Such shareholders are likely to be given the option to sell shares back to the company at the prevailing market price. The company is working through the detail and will provide as much flexibility as possible for all of our winning shareholders.

3. Can foreign nationals be shareholders in a UK based company?

Yes, anyone can be a shareholder in a UK based company.

4. Why do you need my ID or proof of residence?

This is a legal requirement in the UK. A company must maintain a share register including full address and identity details of all shareholders. Your information will be kept safe and secure

5. Will I be required to pay for any shares that I win?

Absolutely not – we will never ask any of our winners for money or their bank account details. Please note: ChatWise shares cannot be bought from the public. The only way to obtain shares is by downloading the ChatWise app and using it. See below process of “how reward is won”.

6. I live in India, China, Brazil or any other country, Can I own shares in ChatWise?

Yes, anyone can own shares in a UK based company.

7. What price will the company pay to buy shares back before an IPO ?

If the company announces a buy-back programme, the Board of the Company will determine the price based on the number of active users, growth rate of users, growth projections and other factors that will aim to reflect the market price of the business.

8. Will the company pay me cash in the buy-back programme? If so, in which currency?

It is not unusual for companies to buy shares at fair value. If the company decides to run a buy-back programme, it will announce the price in US$ and winners maybe given the option to be paid in their local currencies. However, the decision remains with the board, and that will be final. Illustrative worked example: Sumit and Sophia won 100k shares as random winners, Sumit lives in New Delhi (India) and Sophia lives in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia). Assume the Company announced a buy-back programme and determines that the failr fair value of 100,000 shares is $15,000 on 1st June 2022. Sumit and Sophia are both considering selling their shares back to the company. The transaction could take place as below: Assume that exchange rate on the day of the buyback programme is active, is: 1USD = INR 74 (India) 1USD = MYR 4.20 (Malaysia) Assume the price announced by the company to buy 100,000 shares is $15,000. So, the price offered to the winners will be: Sumit = 15,000 x 74 = 1,110,000 Indian Rupees; Sophia= 15,000 x 4.20 = 63,000 Malaysian Ringgit [i] However, the conditions for the buy-back will depend on various factors including the state of the market conditions and company performance. The decision of whether a buy-back is done implemented or not will remain with the Board and will be final

9. What happens when the company goes for the IPO (initial public offering)?

The Company is currently considering that its shares will be listed in four locations: London, Hong Kong, New York and Mumbai – this will allow wide coverage and the ability of our shareholders to sell shares to the public. For people that do not have access to a stock market, the company will give them the option to sell their shares back to the company at the listed market price. In this case, the company will follow the process and pay those users directly in their local currencies.

10. Given that 30,000 winners are selected on a random basis. How will the remaining 70,000 winners will be selected?

Our algorithms have been developed to score users based on a specific set of criteria. At a high level, it will look at: The number of days on ChatWise platform. ositive behaviour on our platform (ChatWise does not believe in influencing conversations and therefore negative talk is not penalised in any way. However, positivity is rewarded). Help grow our platform by inviting friends and family Joining trends like #ChatWise on various social media networks including Reditt. Our team will be looking out for thought leaders on conversations that promote ChatWise platform on various social media platforms. Influencers or members of the public that create public content: if you have created content or promoted ChatWise to your followers on platforms (Wechat, Line, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok or similar social media platforms) and would like us to consider you in our reward category, please send: a link to your post, your social media handle, and your account ID on ChatWise to: If you are selected for a reward, we will need the evidence of the ownership of your social media account that which was used to create the content.

11. Can employees of ChatWise take part in the competition?

No, they have same rights. Employees and direct families will not be able to participate in the share rewards.

12. Will ChatWise platform develop further over time?

Yes, current features under development include:Allowing influencers to create public posts with verfieid verified accounts Short-videos for the public. Allow all users to create stories.There will be many more exciting developments and we hope that some of these ideas will come through in our winner’s forum.

13. Will user shareholders have the ability to influence further development of the platform?

Yes, our shareholder community will get the opportunity to shape the future and come onjoin the journey with the company. We are currently developing a forum that will include founders along with all user shareholders (“winners”). This forum will debate new development ideas and possibly vote on new features.

14. Will ChatWise ask me for my bank account details?

Never. If the company has announced a buy-back programme, as published only on our website:, then during that process shareholders may choose to participate and sell their shares back to the company. This process will be defined clearly on our website and winners should follow instructions.